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The Kent State Forum on the City: BERLIN book is out!

“The Kent State Forum on the City: BERLIN” book -edited by Giovanni Damiani, Thilo Folkerts and Paola Giaconia– has just been released by the publishers at dpr-barcelona! The volume collects the contributions to the Kent State Forum on the City: BERLIN which, held at KSU Florence in Fall 2013, considered different aspects of the urban, architectural and social development of Berlin.

Berlin developed into a metropolis within a very short timespan over the turn into the 20th century, becoming one of the capitals of the historical avant-garde, a melting pot of different cultures and ideas that contributed greatly to new concepts of city and collective life and to the very idea of metropolitan development. Berlin has been able to draw together the most conservative city planning and the most learned debates on urban experimentation. The city is torn between the principles of reclaiming a historical soul within the different traces of the city and, at the same time, fostering a controversial testing ground for architectural production and debate internationally.

With contributions by Giovanni Damiani, Véronique Faucheur, Thilo Folkerts, Paola Giaconia, Jeanette Kunsmann, Christof Mayer, Marc Pouzol, Ali Saad, Luka Skansi.