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The Kent State Forum on the City has been observing, since 2006, the current transformations underway in contemporary cities accross Europe, emphasizing the role that design culture plays in these processes. Primarily conceived for students, over the course of the years it has become a stable appointment open to a dialogue with architects, administrators and scholars keen to observe some of the most interesting phenomena related to the construction and transformation of European cities.

The aim of the symposium, since its first edition, has been that of disseminating experiences in urban planning and design strategies, urban architecture projects, urban landscape designs, developments, and policies in major European cities. We question how designers, along with civic and government leaders, developers and planners, can catalyze innovative opportunities for cities and regional centers to transition into a vibrant future. This is achieved by inviting together a series of key people to explain how a city functions today and how it may function tomorrow.

Promoted and organized by Kent State University, Florence Program, the Forum has developed an occasion for research and discussion that brings to our city some of the main observers of the European city together with the most respected architects who substantiate its transformation and, with the administrators, direct its developments.

The Kent State Forum on the City is an event organized and produced by:
– Kent State University
– Kent State University, Florence Program

The Kent State Forum on the City: MADRID.

November 16, 2012   -   Vicolo dei Cerchi 1, Firenze

The Kent State Forum on the City: BERLIN.

November 22, 2013   -   Vicolo dei Cerchi 1, Florence