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This page collects some of the publications promoted by Kent State University, Florence Program – College of Architecture & Environmental Design.

A Lightbox for Art - Fall 2014

A Lightbox for Art - Fall 2014.

The booklet features the projects produced by students in the 4-day A Lightbox for Art workshop organized by Paola Giaconia (Kent State University, Florence Program) and Franco Pisani (ISI Florence) in Fall 2014.

Students from Kent State University, Marywood University, University of Hartford, and the Università di Firenze took part in an intensive design charrette. Their task was to pick an art piece – be it a painting or a sculpture – from the immense Uffizi Gallery’s collection and conceive the best possible way to exhibit it inside a small pavillion, taking advantage of natural light. Each team was asked to root the design around the art piece: they analyzed it, its meaning as well its aesthetic characteristics of materiality, geometry, composition. The students’ focused and sustained effort was celebrated in a public presentation of their proposals and in this small publication.

You may flip through the book here: