Interior design

Undergraduate Courses / Required (*)

(*) These courses are required as part of the third-year curriculum for Kent State CAED students.  For students from affiliate institutions, course selection will be based on the curriculum requirements of their home institution, the student’s experience level, the recommendation of the student’s academic advisors and CAED program coordinators, and the student’s interests.

Course: Interior Design Studio IV.

Interior Design Studio

The course will focus on the adaptive reuse of a historical building located in the centre of Florence…

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Course: Study Tours.

Study Tours

A combined lecture and seminar that provides a theoretical foundation for studio exploration. Topics include the history of…

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Undergraduate Courses / Electives

Course: Sketching & Drawing.

Sketching and Drawing

The design professions increasingly, with the widespread use of digital technologies, require sketching and drawing abilities…

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Course: Video, Media, and Architecture.

Video, Media, and Architecture

The course investigates the increasingly intertwined issues that link contemporary architectural research to the world of…

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Course: History of Interiors.

History of Interiors

A chronological study of housing and furnishings from the Renaissance to the Victorian Period (16th to 19th centuries) and 20th century…

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Fabio Barluzzi

Fabio Barluzzi is an architect graduated with honours at the University of Florence in 1994. Before his degree he spent four months in Kevin Roche Office (New Haven, Massachusetts), analyzing Roche’s approach to office…

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Marco Brizzi

Marco Brizzi, PhD, is architecture critic and curator. He has been teaching at California State University – Florence Program, at Università La Sapienza in Rome, at the University in Florence, at the University …

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Sylvie Duvernoy

Sylvie Duvernoy is an architect, graduated from Paris University in 1982. In 1988 she received her PhD from the Architecture Department of the University of Florence. After teaching classes in…

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Duccio Ferroni

Duccio Ferroni graduated in Architecture from the University of Florence in 1984. As a student he started working at Paolo Fiori’s architecture firm as a junior partner since 1980. In that position he developed…

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Maia Wellington Gahtan

A native of Berkeley, California, Maia Wellington Gahtan received her B. A. in both History of Art and Linguistics (1987) and her Ph. D. in Renaissance Studies from Yale University (1995). Formerly Assistant Curator of …

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Federico Grazzini

Federico Grazzini graduated in Architecture at the University of Florence in 1998; he then moved to London, starting out as a 3d modeling and visualisation expert for Virtual Artworks. He joined Alsop Architects in 1999…

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Roberto Nesti

Roberto Nesti graduated in architecture from the University of Florence in 1982. His activity includes architecture, interior design, industrial design, and writing. Since the 1990’s he has collaborated with…

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