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Fall 2016, midterm reviews. Gian Piero Frassinelli, Paola Giaconia, Gianfranco Bombaci .

Gian Piero Frassinelli (Superstudio) and Gianfranco Bombaci (2a+p/a) to participate in midterm reviews for grad architecture studio.

Gian Piero Frassinelli, member of Radical architecture group Superstudio, and Gianfranco Bombaci, founding partner at 2a+p/a studio in Rome, will participate in the midterm reviews for the grad architecture studio taught by professor Paola Giaconia. Superstudio was a group of avant-garde architects, composed of Adolfo Natalini, Cristiano Toraldo di Francia, Roberto Magris, Gian Piero Frassinelli…

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