Fall 2019, lecture by Jeannette Kuo.
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Jeannette Kuo, co-founding partner at Karamuk Kuo Architects, to lecture at KSUF CAED.

Jeannette Kuo, co-founding partner of Zurich-based Karamuk Kuo Architects and Assistant Professor-in-Practice of Architecture at Harvard Graduate School of Design, will lecture on Tuesday 1 October at 7 pm at Palazzo Vettori. Her lecture, titled “Possible Futures”, will be introduced by prof. Paola Giaconia.

Jeannette Kuo’s research and work focus on the intersection of structures, space, and culture. From multi-unit housing to cultural infrastructures like the Augusta Raurica Archaeological Center, the work of the office spans across scales and typologies to address collective culture and public urban life. Each project finds spatial and conceptual opportunities within the constraints of everyday reality, working from the inside out to define new relationships between program, structure and space. Recent built works include the International Sports Sciences Institute in Lausanne and the Weiden Secondary School. Publications include the two-volume research on workspace typologies: A-Typical Plan (2013) and Space of Production (2015), as well as the recent El Croquis 161 monograph on Karamuk Kuo.