Fall 2018, Graduate students’ course field trip to Madrid.
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Graduate students’ course field trip to Madrid.

Kent State University Florence – CAED graduate students are visiting Madrid with prof. Giovanni Damiani, their instructor in their “European Cities” course, and with prof. Alberto Francini, their graduate studio instructor. There they will meet the faculty and students from University San Pablo CEU – Institute of Technology – Department of Architecture and Design, since the graduate studio project will be based in Madrid.

Prof. Belén Hermida, prof. Carlos Lahoz Palacio and prof. Javier Sáenz Guerra from the Escuela Politécnica Superior at San Pablo CEU will introduce our and their students to the joint topic for the studio. RE-THINKING CITIES focuses on the challenges of rapid urban transformation in the built environment with a creative, collaborative, multi- scalar, multidisciplinary approach.

This is an opportunity to reflect together about the new areas of development in Madrid, focusing on OPERACION CHAMARTIN, its present reality and its future potential. The objective is to unlock value, proposing concrete architectural and urban ideas that will contribute to the viability and sustainability of Madrid and, thus, to its revitalization and to a better urban experience.