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Erika Gaggia, co-founder at act_romegialli, to lecture at KSUF CAED.

Erika Gaggia, co-founder with Gianmatteo Romegialli of act_romegialli, will lecture on Tuesday 15 February at 5 pm at Kent State University Florence CAED. Her lecture, titled “do here do elsewhere / do there and not elsewhere”, will be introduced by prof. Federico Grazzini.

act_romegialli, founded in 1996 by Gianmatteo Romegialli and Erika Gaggia, deals with architecture, urban design, interior design, object design and communication.
The cultural value of making architecture, the sense and feeling of a place, its history; these are the aspirations that establish the design of the office. The research of the essential characteristics of a site, interpreted and made contemporary to enhance and revive the history, identity and culture of a territory.
During these years act_romegialli has participated and won many architectural competitions. Its partners were invited to lecture at numerous institutions, among them Politecnico di Milano, Accademia Belle Arti Brera, Ecole d’architecture de Grenoble, Canberra University Department of Landscape Architecture, RMIT Melbourne, Accademia di Mendrisio and Universidad Politecnica de Valencia.