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Annalisa Metta, founding partner at OS/A, to lecture at KSUF CAED.

Annalisa Metta, founding partner at OS/A (OPEN SPACE / ARCHITECTURE) , will lecture on Tuesday 27 September at 5 pm at Kent State University Florence CAED. Her lecture, titled “Between Mud and Cosmos. Landscape as an Agent”, will be introduced by prof. Marco Brizzi.

OS/A (OPEN SPACE / ARCHITECTURE) is a design studio, founded in 2021 from the previous experience of Osa architettura e paesaggio, already established in Rome in 2007. OS/A deals mainly with the design of open spaces, elaborating projects for parks of various kinds and scales, public and private gardens, squares, playgrounds and urban spaces, temporary installations, recovery of historical gardens, archaeological and monumental areas, infrastructures, reclamation of abandoned or under reconversion industrial sites. Its focus is landscape as an agent, in relation with the behaviours of human and not human beings.