Fall 2014, lecture by Antonio Godoli.
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An exciting design challenge at the Uffizi for KSUF CAED students.

Architecture students worked on a very challenging studio assignment during the Fall semester. They were asked to design a new exit to the Uffizi Gallery, a longstanding necessity that saw the launch of an international competition in 1998 to propose a solution. Several renowned architects participated, including Norman Foster, Hans Hollein, and Arata Isozaki, whose submission was eventually declared the winner.

Antonio Godoli, Head of the Department of Museum Architecture at the Uffizi Gallery, gave a lecture to our Architecture students at the beginning of semester. Mr. Godoli has been involved in the competition process since the very beginning, and his lecture was especially informative for the students. He described the museum’s needs and expectations, and took the class on a private tour of the Uffizi as a special treat, which was particularly beneficial during the early stages of the design process.