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Lecture by Massimo Alvisi (Alvisi Kirimoto).

Massimo Alvisi, architect and founding partner at Rome-based Alvisi Kirimoto, will lecture on Tuesday 3 October at 5 pm at Kent State University Florence CAED. His lecture, titled “Tension and Release”, will be introduced by prof. Paola Giaconia.

Massimo’s presentation will center on his and Junko Kirimoto’s approach to architectural design. In a recent interview, Philip Jodidio observed how “What speaks in their projects is also the light, the shadows, the openly expressed materials, the avowed desire to be universal combined with an acceptance that everything, even a concrete wall, changes with time and is ultimately ephemeral. But the point is not so much the wall as it is the empty space fashioned by the architects, a space for ‘something to be added’.”

Alvisi Kirimoto is an international practice that works in the field of architecture, urban planning and design. Founded by Massimo Alvisi and Junko Kirimoto in 2002, the firm stands out for its sartorial approach to design, “sensitive” use of technology and control of space, starting from the manipulation of “sheets of paper”. Dialogue with nature, urban regeneration and attention to social issues make its projects unique in the international architectural scene.
By merging Italian and Japanese sensibilities, the office has carried out numerous projects in and beyond Italy. These include the Medlac Pharma industrial plant in Hanoi, Vietnam (2011); the Incà complex of small and medium industries in Barletta (2010), the new Molino Casillo headquarters (2012) and the restoration of the Teatro Comunale di Corato (2012) in Puglia; the refurbishment of the Alexandrinsky Theater in St. Petersburg (2013); the Podernuovo Winery in Palazzone, Tuscany (2013); the executive offices for a private client on the 32nd floor of a skyscraper in the heart of Chicago (2018); the restoration and expansion of Villa K, a historic farmhouse in the Langhe, Piedmont (2018); and the Great Hall of the LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome (2018). In addition to this, the firm collaborated with OMA as Executive and Local Architect at the Prada Foundation project in Milan (2015).