Fall 2018, lecture by Gianluca Peluffo.
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Lecture by Gianluca Peluffo.

Architect Gianluca Peluffo www.peluffoandpartners.com will be our guest at Palazzo Vettori on Tuesday September 25, 2018. He will deliver a lecture, titled “Blessed are those who have an identity”, as part of the “Theories of Architecture” course directed by Marco Brizzi.

Founder of Gianluca Peluffo & Partners Architecture in 2017 and previously founding partner of 5+1AA (Italy-France 1995-2017), Gianluca Peluffo is Professor and Researcher at IULM University in Milan where he explores the relationships between Art and Architecture, Architecture and Cities, the role of Public Architectural works, Beauty as a creation of poetic space, dialogue between differences, the relationship between Architecture, Literature, Poetry and Visual Arts.