Spring 2017, lecture by David Trottin.
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Lecture by David Trottin.

David Trottin, founding partner at PÉRIPHÉRIQUES MARIN + TROTTIN ARCHITECTES, based in Paris, will be at Palazzo Vettori on Tuesday March 7, 2017 presenting recent works by his office. Marco Brizzi will introduce his lecture.

Inspired by the Dogma movement, PÉRIPHÉRIQUES ARCHITECTES structure was born in the mid 90’s from the fierce desire to go against the grain of established norms, to ask an innovative and offbeat look at their profession, focusing on the suburbs, on collective work and also on a different distribution of architecture and of architects’s works, through various publications. 

For more than 20 years, Emmanuelle Marin and David Trottin have been inscribing the practice of their profession in a collective register and a willingness to invite and share with other architects for specific collaborations or more durable ones on common projects. A trademark, an attitude: the “anti-ego”.